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Tree Felling

Sometimes is is essential to complete remove one or more trees from an area. This may be to clear space, remove problematic roots that are invading an area, or to take out damaged or diseased trees.

The process by which this is done is known as tree felling. Our qualified tree surgeons are adept at all aspects of tree felling and carry out extensive jobs all over Norwich and East Anglia.

AM Ground Maintenance use modern techniques which are safe and effective, both in residential and commercial environments. Our professionally qualified arborists will use tree climbers, rope harnessing, rigging equipment and specialist cutting machinery to fell trees of any size.

Most often we adopt a gradual approach, removing parts of the tree one at a time. Removing the canopy is the first step, and once that is done we remove lower branches. Then the trunk is gradually chopped down bit by bit and finally the stump can be ground down into wood chips. This step by step approach is the safest way to protect property and our arborists.

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to find out any more about the services we offer. 

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