Tree Emergency Call-Outs

Our experience has shown us that occasionally emergencies can happen. Trees can come down in inclement weather, blocking roads or endangering people’s safety. As these can happen at any time without warning AM Ground Maintenance offer 24 hour emergency call outs to put your mind at rest.

Our emergency call outs/service will usually respond within the hour and is primarily concerned with making the situation safe. Removing dangerous branches off storm damaged trees, or clearing a fallen tree out of a public pathway are examples of instances where we would like to be your first point of contact. We endeavour to make the area safe and will often return the next day to completely clear up anything remaining.

Although we will respond in a timely manner, it won’t compromise the quality and safety that runs through all our work. We are also respectful of our surroundings, and will endeavour to keep excess noise and disruption to a bare minimum.

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Safety Procedures

We make sure that safety is our utmost priority. Our safety procedures, combined with our excellent customer service and expertise, makes us the clear choice for any tree work you need.
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