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Tree Removal

Tree removal is often a difficult task, especially as it is often sad to see a majestic tree cut down. Unfortunately tree removal can be a necessity, whether the tree be diseased or damaged, or just to clear space for a new site development.

AM Ground Maintenance are one of Norwich and Norfolk’s leading tree surgeons and our skilled arborists are qualified in all of the necessary areas to remove trees swiftly and safely.

We will firstly undertake a comprehensive risk assessment to see what is the best approach to adopt. Our experts will consider the extent of the root network to ascertain how much of an underground area the tree occupies. Some trees are then able to be precisely and safely felled into a space, which will enable us to clear it up quickly.


Other situations might require a system of rope harnesses and pulleys to avoid any damage to nearby property or buildings. Either way our modern machinery will clear any area of debris in a fast and efficient manner.

Looking for residential or commercial tree removal? Contact us by clicking the button below or call us on 01603 469949 or 07977 940280.

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