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Crown Raising or Crown Lifting

The crown of the tree is basically the part where the main branches begins at the top of the tree’s trunk. These branches support the leaves and foliage that the tree relies on for its nourishment.

Sometimes the branches provide an obstruction, and rather than felling the entire tree AM Ground Maintenance provides a service known as Crown Raising. This technique uses the latest rigging equipment to safely remove the lower branches and in effect lift the space available underneath.

Why is crown raising necessary?

Sometimes low branches can restrict any traffic that needs to pass underneath it. For example a tree overhanging a road that has branches four metres from the ground would prevent any large lorries from meeting the height restriction. Likewise in other situations the branches may even touch properties or buildings.

Also lifting the crown would provide a considerable more amount of light and sunshine to the ground beneath the tree and surrounding areas. Clearing the branches and foliage could help dry out soggy areas, as well as creating far greater visibility and line of sight.

Methods of Crown Lifting 

As one of Norwich and Norfolk’s leading tree specialists, AM Ground Maintenance is committed to the well-being and health of the environment. When doing any work on a tree it is vitally important to keep it as healthy as possible. We endeavour to leave as much foliage on the branches as possible and would never cut away unnecessary wood.


Over pruning can be dangerous to any plant and our experts are greatly skilled as to just how much to remove and still promote optimum growth. Likewise we will keep as much of the tree’s structural support as intact as we can.

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