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Hedge Maintenance

AM Ground Maintenance offer an environmentally friendly hedge management service throughout Norwich, Norfolk and East Anglia. Hedges provide a wonderful natural boundary to any property, and our professionals can maintain both residential and commercial hedges and shrubs.

People are often unaware how to maintain hedges or indeed when is the best time to cut them. It is important that they are regularly trimmed and cut back to promote healthy growth and provide a tidy green space. Whether it is a one off pruning or a regular management contract, our professionals offer the expertise and modern machinery to perform the task at hand.

It is important not to cut back hedges too severely as it could damage their health. Likewise certain trees or plants may never grow back at all if reduced too much. Our experienced staff are able to advise just the perfect balance, and often recommend doing the reduction gradually over a few seasons. This has the dual benefit of reducing stress on the greenery as well as stimulating a fuller and healthier growth.

The best time to cut hedges is generally outside the growing season. We recommend trimming them in the winter and early spring, and are careful to avoid nesting birds and other wildlife. Our extensive experience enables us to give the right advice depending on the type of hedge or shrubs within your property.

For more information please get in touch and we will be happy to help you. 

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