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Crown Reduction

Similarly to the crown raising service we offer throughout the Norfolk and Norwich area, crown reduction is also an important consideration for the health of your trees.

Reducing the size and thickness of your tree’s canopy can provide more light to the surrounding area, as well as safely maintaining its size and structure so as not to impact on nearby buildings or property.

Whereas raising a tree’s crown will remove a lot of the foliage and branches below a certain height, crown reduction aims to keep as much foliage as possible to encourage growth and health of the tree. In addition it will make the tree look aesthetically pleasing and create a sturdy structure should it have suffered any storm damage for instance.

Our experienced tree surgeons are well versed in this procedure and carry out many reductions throughout Norwich and Norfolk. We always make sure that the tree’s health is of paramount importance and our expertise extends to knowing the exact percentage of the canopy that needs to be removed.

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